Starting an alternative view in Surrey Heath

After much nagging from party colleagues and even political opponents, I have decided that it is now time to start up my own blog.

There are already a number of excellent political blogs in Surrey Heath both on the left and right but my aim is to be slightly different and mainly write about topical Surrey Heath issues in and around the Council Chamber. The viewpoint will be as an opposition politician so I don’t plan to rant (not often anyway!) but do hope to flag up the important local issues that can come up and the type of decisions that local politicians face.

Ironically, this weekend has seen a general discussion in the Surrey Heath blogosphere about  whether some of them have crossed the line into being personal abuse rather than political comment. It should be easy to disagree with others without being offensive or abusive so nothing on this blog will be allowed of that nature by anyone. Shock/horror – I even have some pals in the Tory Party even if they are misguided at times!

However, I do believe that if you stand for any political position at any level, you should expect people to vehemently disagree with you. There is nothing wrong with passionate debate around your values, beliefs and actions but as in sport, you should do this with a view to being able to have a drink with the same person soon afterwards.  Also, I went into politics to try and make a positive difference for my area. Therefore, stories about the personal misdemeanours of others are not likely to feature much either unless it highlights a wider issue of judgement – after all, none of us live a perfect life! However, questioning a political decision and/or highlighting the impact is completely fair game in my view even if is a bit embarrassing for those involved. 

Anyway, just my view and my plan is to write about one post a week and see where it goes….


4 thoughts on “Starting an alternative view in Surrey Heath

  1. David Allen

    Well done Rodney, if you want a little help with this template, let me know, helpful to get rid of the “dentist” thing… Totally agree with your comments…

    David Allen

  2. Speedicus Maximus

    I only see your name in -Replies- ; – is there anywhere on the site you could describe yourself and your role – see LoL blog for example.


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