Signing off for DERA

Just a quick post tonight following the last Full Council before Christmas.

A nice start to the meeting when Cllr Pitt informed us that the Surrey Heath team had won the Fair Play Award at the Surrey Youth Games and presented this to the Mayor.  I always enjoy recognising our resident achievements in this way especially when it involves our local young people.

Following publicity by the Camberley Society, I had submitted a written question asking why signs in Camberley were pointing the wrong way or to facilities that were no longer there.  I must credit our Council Leader who decided to spend this afternoon in the freezing cold walking round the town and checking the signs for herself.  She has kindly agreed to write an update for the Camberley Society so I will leave this for her to comment in more detail.

The only other area of discussion was a motion put forward about the DERA site (massive issue in the villages) and some ideas around dealing with the possible traffic implications to pressure SCC and the Highways Agency.  Despite a couple of queries about the junction and whether it would help or cause ratrunning, there was loads of support from those in rural areas and the motion was unanimously agreed. Whether this pressure works on or not will have to be seen…


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