Alternative Christmas story

Now usually this blog talks about local community affairs but today, something slightly different.

Christmas is my favourite time of the year and always has been. In part, this is for religious reasons but also because it means having a couple of weeks off and catching up with people that I generally don’t get to see for the rest of the year.

Now the traditional Christmas story has meaning for me and will therefore be spending time today with about 500 people helping at Christmas services in Camberley. However, the traditional Christmas story is very well covered today throughout our community for those who wish so I wanted to focus on something else..the 500 different stories of the 500 people.

Many of them will be enjoying Christmas and celebrating but today, I wanted to just pause and reflect on some of the stories of those in our community who will be less keen to do so and to encourage you to spend a moment thinking of them in the next couple of days.

All of these relate to at least one person I know and probably you as well…

– Those with serious illness awaiting treatment.
– Those who are lonely or generally struggling with life at the moment.
– Those who are working over Christmas in the Police, other emergency services and Armed Forces and for their families in this country.
– Those who have recently lost their jobs and uncertain about the future.

There will also be many for whom Christmas will be an ordeal as it will be the first year without a loved one. For one local family, it will be the first Christmas as their 5 year old child passed away only a few months ago.

Tomorrow will be a hard day for all of them whilst everyone else is celebrating but I hope that they at least have a few moments during the day when they remember the better times. I wish all of them a peaceful Christmas and a better New Year.

And for the rest of Surrey Heath, a very Happy Christmas!


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