Surrey Heath Euro results in full

Results are in from Surrey Heath who have voted as follows:-

An Independence 4 Europe 385 (1.8%)
BNP 118 (0.5%)
Christian Peoples Alliance 141 (0.6%)
Conservative 8422 (39.3%)
English Democrats 152 (0.7%)
Green 1343 (6.3%)
Harmony 20 (0.1%)
Labour 2060 (9.6%)
Liberal Democrats 1539 (7.2%)
Liberty 19 (0.1%)
Peace 76 (0.4%)
Roman 31 (0.2%)
Socialist 20 (0.1%)
UKIP 7007 (32.7%)
Your Voice 24 (0.1%)

Spoilt 60
Total votes cast 21417 (33.21%)

The prediction made on Thursday was therefore fairly accurate with all party shares within 3%.

As expected, the postal vote operation meant the Conservatives topped the poll although it would have been very close amongst those who voted in person with UKIP.

Surrey Heath was a relatively low turnout at 33% but Old Dean was especially low with only about 25% voting. I think this shows that Europe is not a key issue in some of our poorer communities and is therefore likely to artificially depress the comparative Labour vote in areas across the country where they were no local elections.

The South East elect 10 candidates and therefore the Surrey Heath result (using the same system) would have meant:-

Con 5
Lab 1

This compares to the actual SE result of 4 UKIP, 3 Con, 1 Lab, 1 Green, 1 Lib Dem.


One thought on “Surrey Heath Euro results in full

  1. Nick B Scales

    Interesting in Waverley BC count Conservatives got 41.08% UKIP 26.37% Green Party of England & Wales 10.58% Liberal Democrats 9.48% Labour 8.35%. We clearly didn’t do enough to eat into to Labour or Conservative vote in Surrey Heath or get the Community, Environment & Social Equality message across.


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