Syria – my response to leader e-mail

Here’s my response to the email that Jeremy Corbyn sent yesterday to party members asking for their view on Syria.

“Whilst noting that MPs may wish to consult, any political decision on Syria should be based on the latest evidence and intelligence and not on political dogma. As such, any view put forward by an ordinary party member is inevitably flawed as we do not have this background to inform our view. It should also be recognised that there will be consequences whether or not we bomb and that innocent civilians will die or be injured regardless of whether the UK choose to become involved or not.

ISIS along with all worldwide terrorist organisations must be addressed and their actions eradicated or at least reduced. Therefore, the UK must play a full part in working with as many countries as possible in uniting resources against these and other threats. However, there are many ways that this can be done and there are already many other countries with better resources than us that have been bombing Syrian targets over a long period with little obvious effect. Our involvement might therefore be better used as part of a cross nation ground force (ideally through the UN) for example humanitarian aid, intelligence, use of military bases, logistics and remotely targeting communication systems in order to reduce the spread of jihadists videos and hate preaching of all kinds.

ISIS is a terrorist organisation with cells throughout the world. Any military action in Syria must therefore also consider the wider impact not only to the civilian population in Raqqa but to civilians around the world. We must be sure that military action would weaken and not strengthen ISIS by recruiting more suicide bombers to their twisted cause thus making the situation even worse. There must be a clear short and long term strategy not only for Syria but to jointly address worldwide terrorism in all their forms.”



5 thoughts on “Syria – my response to leader e-mail

  1. Nick B Scales

    So you are a warmongering neo Tory Blairite then. No wonder Labour only kept one MP in the South West [True South West not including Bristol] and make a hash of running Plymouth City Council. – wasting money on more unwinnable war while people on the Old Dean, Sandy Hill and here in South Devon in Dartmouth Townstal and Teignmouth Kingsway struggle to survive thanks to a recession caused by Labour making Britain a failed state.Tory killed the Lib Dems now Labour is killing itself.

  2. tonynew77

    The working class must work worldwide against all terrorists, this includes UK and all governments that continue with wars.
    Also a major factor of these wars and terrorist acts is religion, we must educate the followers of all religions that they are taking sides in conflicts with faith based on superstition.
    And after my grand statement there I agree with Nick B Scales, the people on the old dean and in south Devon that are suffering through cuts and bedroom tax etc whilst billions is spent on war.
    Rodney you are a Labour Councillor who is committed to cuts and now it seems to a war on terror, why not do a u-turn and start supporting the people who voted for you, I realise that you are out gunned in Tory controlled Surrey heath but surely it’s better to promote Socialism as a matter of principal rather than tug your forelock to the majority.

  3. rodneybates

    I agree that everyone , by definition including the working class should work worldwide against terrorism. However, the terrorists do not represent Islam in the same way that the IRA or Ku Klux Klan do not represent Christianity. The terrorists merely represent themselves and should be treated as criminals. In fact, part of the long term approach is to ensure that governments and especially the UK work positively with all faiths and none so to make terrorism and radicalisation less likely to attract followers.

    As regards cuts, the tax credit fiasco was rightly changed and have been a long standing opponent of both bedroom tax and council tax benefit changes including within the council chamber.

  4. tonynew77

    The following is an editorial in Socialist Standard
    Neither God nor State
    Paris, 13 November 2015. Yet another atrocity in the name of religion. A deliberate attempt to kill as many innocent people as possible, at a pop concert, an international football match, and at random in the streets. Of course there was a political motive behind it. It was as President Hollande said, an act of war.

    The ‘Islamic State’, which governs parts of Syria and Iraq, to which the perpetrators owed allegiance and on whose behalf they carried out the atrocity, is at war with various ordinary capitalist states – Syria, Iraq, the United States, Russia, Britain and of course France as well as others.

    Deliberately targeting civilians is against the Geneva Convention but not, apparently, against sharia law nor (if you are on the winning side) against realpolitik, as Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima and Nagasaki show. Once a war starts in the end anything goes because, if a state loses, then even the life of its rulers is at stake, let alone their position as rulers or the economic interests of its capitalists.

    We are dealing, then, with a war atrocity, and wars arise from capitalism. They occur when, in the competition between states for sources of raw material, trade routes, markets, investment outlets and strategic points and areas to protect and acquire these, the rulers of a capitalist state feel that their ‘vital interests’ are at stake and that they have more to lose by not going to war.

    In the Middle East what’s at stake is who controls its oil resources and the routes by which the oil reaches the rest of the world. The US and its allies (‘the West’) have been determined to control this and largely do, but this control has always been challenged by local elites. During the Cold War period these used secular nationalism to win mass support, but in 1979 Iran set a new trend, which has since become dominant, by exploiting religion instead. So, anti-Western feeling there, expressing the interests of local elites, now takes the form of militant Islam.

    In 2002 President George W Bush denounced Iran, Iraq and North Korea as an ‘axis of evil’. The US State Department quickly added Cuba, Libya and Syria. These all became targets for ‘regime change’. The first to undergo this was Iraq, then Libya, with disastrous results in both cases. Syria was to be the third. This attempt has had an even worse result. Playing the Sunni Muslim card, financed and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has created a monster that has taken the already extreme version of Islam imposed in Saudi Arabia to an even further extreme, wanting to go back to the 8th century and employing the barbarous methods of that time to get there.

    The reaction in France to the atrocity has been to treat it as an attack on the ‘French nation’ whereas it was more accurately an attack on the French state. The result has been a reinforcement of French nationalism and of the false ‘sacred union’ between workers and the ruling class. Yet atrocities committed in the name of the nationalism of so-called ‘nation-states’ are less than those of religion only because these have not been around for so long.

    The anarchist Bakunin raised the slogan ‘Neither God, nor Master’. Adapting it as our response to the Paris atrocity: Neither God, nor State, but Humanity.

  5. Alan Barnard

    Nick, could you pinpoint for me the actual words in Rodney’s piece where he advocates a bombing campaign in Syria? The basis for your rant is not clear to me.


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